AquaBounty's Salmon, $AQB Stock, A Climber? 24 Salmon Recipes Included!

Comparing the genetically modified Salmon to the Atlantic Salon, the GM Salmon is 3 times larger in mass and attains maturity in 18 months, in half the time that Atlantic Salmon takes.
AquaBounty Company is the pioneer in the hybrid Salmon farming initiative
  1. This salmon grows to three times the size of the Atlantic Salmon in half the time, harvesting is early and so is the profitability.
  2. AquaBounty grows this fish in a controlled environment and keeps a security check on all the processes, with zero contamination, zero antibiotics, and safe, humane methods of harvesting. (Ocean fish has high levels of chemical pollutants, micro plastics, and mercury in their flesh).
  3. AquaBounty Salmon emits the least amount of greenhouse gases compared to growing poultry, pigs, or cows in farms.
  4. The texture of this farm raised salmon and Atlantic ocean salmon are very similar, with zero taste difference, but far more positive nutritional content, because of zero pollution.
  5. This farm raised salmon has shown great potential to being the top, safe, healthy protein of choice, compared to poultry, pigs, and cows, as demand for protein is projected to quadruple by 2050.
  6. Raising this fish in a controlled environment provides constant checks at each stage, making sure that each final harvest is free of disease and is a healthy product, safe for all consumers. (There are no fish lice, or other forms of fish disease, as the water is constantly recycled).
  7. Genetically engineered just once, thirty years ago, this gene has resulted in the safe and monitored development of this hybrid variety of Salmon, that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2015, for mass consumption.
  8. This hybrid variety is farm raised right here in the U.S, so the entire season of growing the batches of fish has been under watchful eyes, making sure nothing is out of place, as consumer safety is top priority for AquaBounty.
Grown in hygienic aquaculture farms, this salmon is ready to be harvested.
Everything is indoors and fish are grown at optimal temperatures, every step of the process is monitored
The genes from Chinook Salmon and Ocean Pout (an eel fish) are inserted into the fertilized egg to make the AquaBounty Salmon
These are the three main players whose genes are responsible for the hybrid AquaBounty Salmon.
The growth hormone taken from the Chinook Salmon is combined with the Antifreeze protein gene taken from the Ocean pout resulting in the formation of the AquaBounty Salmon variety, after the company spent millions of dollars studying and researching every aspect of the process from fertilization of the eggs to consumption.
Larry Raney, owner of Premier Angling Guide Service, poses with a 42-inch chinook salmon that he caught float fishing on the Big Manistee River on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019. Courtesy of Larry Raney Source:
A detailed chart of the gene sequencing done from the Ocean Pout and the Chinook Salmon.
The transgenic Salmon can reach adult size quicker about 14 to 18 months earlier.
AquaBounty’s aquaculture farms can provide opportunity globally in unimaginable ways.




I love writing on daily topics of interest and poems. I am a Graphic Designer. Click this link to see my tshirt designs:

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Jacob David

Jacob David

I love writing on daily topics of interest and poems. I am a Graphic Designer. Click this link to see my tshirt designs:

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