Desert Sands — A Poem

Jacob David
1 min readDec 24, 2021


Life’s too hot to handle,
Shimmering heat like the desert sands.
The sun just blazing…
Fire on the desert sands.

Burning, burning,
The sands are burning,
No water in the desert,
To quench the thirst of the fiery sands.

Burns by day and cools by night,
Now begins the desert fright,
Desert calls, unnatural animal sounds,
Weary traveler, never able to rest his head,
In the cool desert sands.

Desert sands,
Vast open lands,
The day follows the night,
And then goes on,
I am not here to stay,
For I’ll soon be gone.

NOTE: Comparing life to desert sands, shimmering in the heat of the sun, there are people who have it good and people who have it worse. Life does offer brief respites, where everyone gets a break from the tedious aspects of life. But as humans, we will not be here forever on earth. Our time here on Earth is limited. In this poem, I wanted to emphasize that despite the routine that we set for ourselves, we have to be ever conscious of the fact that one day we soon will be gone.

Desert Sands by Rabah Al Shammary Unsplash



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