Inevitable — A Poem

Jacob David
2 min readFeb 25, 2022

From morn to noon
And noon till eve,
The eagle circles the sky
Shrieks of wasted hunger
Time drawing nigh.

The pale rays of the sun
Dying now, a day is done.
The eagle perched on her rock so high,
Looks at the selfish world below, heaves a sigh.
Nothing to feed her little ones with,
Slowly but steadily gathers the evening mist.

Her kids can no longer shriek,
And in eagle tongues speak
To their mother,
Of their hunger.

And the mother eagle helpless, sees the lights come on,
In every house far below
In the distant little town.
In her heart she knew that food was getting scarce,
(The bitter truth)
Yes! Starvation soon, even for the human race.

NOTE: I wrote this poem to remind us, that outside our personal and domestic worlds, a world exists. We need to care for our fellow man, our neighbor, for nature. We must stop fighting wars, and polluting Earth. We must stop hoarding and instead, share our resources with those who have little to nothing. We must preserve nature. Do your part to keep Nature clean and safe so it may last us many generations. Be mindful of the waste we create, when we don’t care about our resources like conserving water, how we pollute our air, streams, and rivers with toxins that kill all the sea animals. It’s not our home alone, planet Earth belongs to all these wild creatures too. If we continue to live in our selfish ways, our extinction is Inevitable, which is what I named this poem.

Eagle Photo by Silvia Heider, Pexels



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