Silver Sands — A Poem

Jacob David
2 min readDec 28, 2021

The moon bathed in silver light,
The sands of the vast seashore,
Where I lay in peace…
Listening to the strange melody of the waves,
In a dance, whispering strange ancient secrets,
Unknown to me,
Conspiring with the wind their friend,
That blew me chill, all over!

I was bathed in the silver moonlight,
And clothed by the wind.
The aura of peace hung still
In the dark of the night,
My only friend, the moon and
His gentle light, lay me to sleep,
The dancing waves sang me a lullaby.

In the cradle of the silver sands,
Did I sink to a deep slumber,
Worries of the day I could not remember,
Fast asleep in the scented world of dreams,
Where peace abides…

The Silver Sands my bed,
To sleep my worries, I put them to rest,
I often watch the starlit sky,
And pour my tears on the silver sands,
That turn to silvery drops and sink deep,
Never to surface…
My solace… the Silver sands.

NOTE: Lay your worries to sleep in Nature’s bosom. Sleep is the best medicine for all types of depression. While you sleep, your brain decompresses and relaxes, rejuvenating itself. You can sleep out in nature on an elevated bed/cot or hammock, in a safe area, not during a storm, and certainly not under a tree. Count the stars at night. Or you can sleep on a beach on the sands, and listen to the waves roll in and out. Healing your mind is the first step to healing your body. It’s true. Try it out.

Moonlight on the Beach by George Desipris Pexels



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