Skyline — A Poem

Jacob David
1 min readJul 16, 2022

THE ANT: I cannot sit, I cannot sleep,
I don’t know why,
I always feel I have to climb the sky.

MAN: Is it why you’re always on the move?
Are you still searching for the skyline, my friend?

THE ANT: Yes, I am, but I never seem to find it.
And occasionally God drops a grain on my path,
Causing a minor distraction,
You know how we ants love gathering grain,
Storing them up for the winter…
And occasionally we forget what it is
that we are looking for…
Other times, we get washed in the rain,
Then we begin fresh with a vengeance,
To seek the skyline till it be found.

But Alas! Till this day
We are roaming around…
Covering vast stretches of ground.
Our ancestors, their descendants,
That means us,
We have never found where the earth ends,
And the skyline begins.
But our motto is:
Keep searching, never rest…
Never quit, never resign.
Till Death plays on us its cruel design.

An Ant on a rock searching for the skyline. Photo by Egor Kamelev:



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