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The Train Story! Affordability Minus the High Ad Agency Costs!

Ad agencies will not love to read this. But the purpose of this experience is to show business owners (big or small) that they don’t have to always knock on an Ad Agency’s door to get the same results.

About 10 years ago (2012), I visited a potential client. Let’s call her Jackie. We talked a while on what possible services I could offer her on media buying, as she was looking to advertise a Railway Goods Train Company. I told her the possible term, number of months and possible advertising rates for a full page and half page in a publication. I also told her that I can help with designing her ad for that price.

She stopped me right there, “Let me ask you hypothetically, If I did not advertise with you, but wanted you to design a full page magazine ad for me, how much will you charge me?” She held out a train ad in an industry magazine for me to see.

I took the magazine studied it for a few minutes. It had a clean photograph of a train engine, with the company logo, and about two lines and the website. I quoted her $500/-

Her jaw literally dropped. She said, the ad agency we went with charged us $1500 to design this single ad. I told her, they are an ad agency. They have to come up with copy, get it approved through a few departments, and also send it to your company for approval. They have to pay the photographer, plus they usually have huge overheads.

She nodded at everything I said, “That’s true!” However, she realized I could write the same copy which was given the ad agency by the company. And they had supplied the photo of the train and the company logo. So costs for designing/assembling the ad was sky high.

She realized through the conversation we just had that she could cut down on costs for her company by shopping around. She realized that with the savings she would have made, she could extend her advertising budget. “We are in a cash crunch right now because of having gone with this ad agency,” She told me.

I felt bad for her. That experience was an eye-opener for her. Message me to get a free consultation on what I can do for your business! Thank you for reading my experience!

If you are a business owner, or want to design t-shirts, looking for someone to help you with Graphic Design and Print Services, minus the high ad-agency costs, simply message me. Thank you!

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Goods train at Pueblo, Colorado train yards. Carol M. Highsmith’s America. Library of Congress Digital Collection.



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