Way of the World — A Poem

Sunday’s a day of redemption for sinners,
Monday’s a day for making lots of money,
Tuesday’s a day for smoking fine tobacco,
Wednesday’s a day for sampling fine brands of whisky,
Thursday’s a day for getting tongue-tied in arguments,
Friday’s a day for tasty good food.
Saturday’s a day for hours of good sleep.
Sunday, it’s back to the altar again.
This is life lived meaningfully,
A strict seven day penance,
Nothing’s done that is waste and vain.

NOTE: This is just a humorous poem I wrote. I do not recommend anyone to smoke fine tobacco, or sample fine brands of whisky, or get tongue-tied in arguments. It’s just some of the many things that people do which I assigned a day each to do in. I hope you enjoyed the poem, but don’t pass any judgments on me, please. :) Thank you.

Inspirational Calendar, Photo by Manasvita @manasvita-Unsplash



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Jacob David

I love writing on daily topics of interest and poems. I am a Real Estate agent and Graphic Designer. www.homesinhoustontoday.com | https://cafy-designs.business