Here are some observations and thoughts about different facets of life. If any of these apply to you, or enlighten you in some way, do make sure to add a comment below so you can brighten another person’s day or add to their knowledge. Thank you.

THOUGHT: The art of…

I dreamt a strange dream,
Strange to you also, it may seem
I saw the kitten playing with the eggplants,
And the carrots whole, jumped and ran,
Yelling loudly from the frying pan.
And the chopped chilies dove into the drain,
To escape the burning pain. …

I saw the crocodile smile,
He’d just finished his meal.
Had devoured a whole deer
Head, legs, and all
But left the antlers behind
Where it had grazed
Near the swamp.

It had been a rather chilly morning
With the mist floating low,
As I sat with my fishing rod
On the pier…

None can go out
None can come in,
I’ve locked the door
Latched it fast
Shut myself in.
Sitting all alone
Nothing to do
I switch on the fan
And watch it slowly whirl
Making grating noises;
In the darkened room. …

Going circle and circle,
The little bird thinks
Here I am, going nowhere,
The beautiful free world lies beyond,
What be these bars that make me sad?
Silence everywhere, no birds sing.
Oh alone I am, alone for a lifetime.
Will I never be free?
This iron imprisonment! Poor me!

I stand in the dark waves of ignorance,
No light of a lamp to guide me through chaos.
The winds raging furiously around me and over my head
Does not rest
But howls in anger at me — an Ignoramus.

I sigh and wait on the highway,
Sadness, joy, light, and…

The day was his, thought he,
A little lad of seven years.
He perched on his little bike
And rode fast where the road
Took him.
Soon came he t o a pathway
That led down to the deep dark woods,
Downhill he went, smiling, in a mood of play.

Jacob David

I love writing on daily topics of interest and poems. I am a Graphic Designer. Click this link to see my tshirt designs:

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