Personal confession: Fifteen years ago, I was given to road rage. Today, I am a different person, having come to the self-realization, that anger on the road is not worth it. The reason why I write this is to share my discovery on how you can overcome road rage yourself. If this article helps even a single person or a few people, it would mean fewer accidents on the road and the saving of lives, whose futures could have changed for the worse. …

AquaBounty $AQB is a Salmon Fisheries Project having farms in both the U.S and Canada. After 20 years of patiently waiting, this company has received Good News! This genetically modified Atlantic Salmon has been approved by the FDA to sell in the commercial markets to meet the global demand for Salmon. AquaBounty received the FDA Approval for their genetically modified Salmon, the AquAdvantage® Salmon for human consumption in 2015. Health Canada has also given its approval it in 2016. People have been eating genetically modified crops for some time now. So why not Salmon? …

I don’t go very many days without hearing someone or the other always say, “Time is money.” Once it is said, they move on and their words vaporize with the wind. So what is really being done about this cliché phrase? Nothing! Or maybe some people do a small significant thing in getting a little more organized and pushing papers, pencils and pens a little more effectively that a little time is saved and a few more dollars are earned in the process.

If Time is Money, how about leveraging time? Each of us have twenty-four hours a day. Most…

Beyond Meat is just not a company. It’s a cultural phenomena, happening all across the nation, a shift in the way people are starting to see food. CEO, Ethan Brown, came up with the idea of developing safe and healthy protein from plants to make burgers, (steaks?), patties, and sausage links to get non-vegetarians to slowly give up eating red meats, by giving them healthier food options. Technology has enabled Beyond Meat to make plant-based meats that are getting closer each day to tasting like actual meat. In 2009, he launched Beyond Meat.

CEO, Ethan Brown believes that you don’t…

This is a true story, my life experience.

A lifetime ago, I worked as a Salesman for a car dealership.

Even though it was that long ago, the life lesson I learned one sordid evening, still remains fresh and vivid in my mind, like it happened only yesterday.

I won’t be including the name of the dealership here, the Car make and models I was selling. But I can tell you it was a minivan, made by one of the leading car manufacturers, which he wanted to buy for his family.

Before I begin my story, let me share this…

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Let’s say this was your child, what would you do? Would you let her play in the dirt with a broken, plastic toy? When we ask our children to share with others, why aren’t adults able to share so poverty can be wiped out?

Billionaires and Millionaires should be aware that there are near 2 Billion hungry and uneducated children all over this world. This is human capital and a good portion of your millions and billions can be invested into the lives of these children, to ensure that our future generations are educated and ready to meet the challenges of life. What’s in it for me? you ask. Read on…

Remember that Your Money is a tool to alleviate poverty through using it correctly to deliver the right programs, to lift these children out of their present situation.

As a child, growing up…

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Is the video format your preferred form of expression? Over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched each day. People are hungry for video content. This demand is only growing. Image by Dsndrn-Videolar from Pixabay

This is an honest detailing of how I learned about YouTube. I will include all that I have learned below. I will leave nothing out. So if you have patience, do glean from this article what you will, IF you are planning to start a YouTube channel or have just started one, and would like to learn more about the mysteries of how to make your YouTube channel successful.

If you have additional information, or some of my paragraphs need more fleshing out, do comment below. I’d welcome your information and constructive feedback. Thank you. As I write this article…

It saddens and pains me as I write this to see America divided. Many mobs are defacing America and the brief history of 200 plus years that these United States of America has created. When they deface and pull down confederate statues, no matter, what the reason might be, they are changing the historical and cultural landscape of America, in a gross, criminal way, they never fully realize. A true historian and patriot would bereave the loss of such good history.

Each statue represents a landmark, a moment, a time, a period in history. It signals a victory, a monumental…

Space Force or Voter App? Which Should Take Priority?

I am all for the progress of the human race. If this includes the advancement of the Space Force, that would correlate to advancements in Technology, Medicine, Human Behavior, Sociology, and related fields, I am for it.

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Advancements in Space Technology must not come with the sacrifice of each citizen’s basic right to vote.

The Space Force budget is large, 15.4 Billion to be exact.

“The $15.4 billion Space Force includes: $10.3 billion for space research, development, testing and evaluation of technologies and weapon systems.” But when it came to Election security, the U.S Congress has allocated a measly $425 million, $75 million shy of half a billion…

America is seeing a surge of gun violence like it has never seen before. Ever since the Columbine school shootings to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, the San Bernardino shooting, The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, and the Chabad of Poway synagogue shooting, which are just a few of the many horrific gun crimes that have taken innocent lives of children, men and women in this country. Outside this country, recently the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand was a crime of hatred committed against the Muslims, just like the synagogue shootings were crimes of hatred against the Jewish community. …

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