How to Reduce Road Rage and Keep Safe in Traffic

When you get in your car the next time, just think of this simple phrase, “Let them be Kings of the Road.” YES. Simply allowing the other drivers the courtesy of the right of way, makes for a safer driving experience for all. It can reduce road rage, unsafe driving, and deadly accidents by 75% if everyone reading this article started following this principle, and by sharing this article with family members, friends, and co-workers, keeping their safety in mind foremost because you love and respect them so much.

This article had been brewing in my mind for a few…

The sky, a happy crystal blue,

The Zephyr, sweet and cool,

The landscape in different shades of green,

The waters gurgling playfully in the stream,

Down the hill.

Tall wild grass swayed happy heads in the breeze,

The flowers playful with the wind.

One flower chided by a bird, turned away

Weeping in the surrounding happiness.

Tears flowed invisible and fast forming a puddle.

The dark clouds came sailing presently,

Blotting out the happiness,

To share in the sorrow of the flower.

The clouds rumbled in anger,

Talking amongst themselves of the piteous flower.

The flower sighed and up it…

The World Is Ours To Live, Its Resources Not To Waste…

Water is liquid gold. Without water, we are good as dead. A human can survive for about 3 days without water. Remember that each time you open a faucet.

My first lesson in water conservation I received from my dad’s mom, my grandma. She had been working in the home garden and her feet were dirty. We lived in Trichur, in Kerala State, South India. She stepped up to the garden tap, filled a mug of water, closed the tap, and poured water slowly on her legs, washing them…

Simplify Learning. Make It Easy For A Child’s Brain To Process It The Right Way Each Time. He/She Will Never Go Wrong For Life.

This is a true story. I am proud of what my son, Nicholas accomplished. I showed him the method to learn to spell the right way, just once or twice. After that, he’s never approached me with the same problem of having to spell ever again.

Making learning an enjoyable, freeing experience, will help children to love learning. Tim Mossholder Unsplash.

One evening when he was in Kindergarten (I don’t remember his actual age at that time), I remember we both were seated at the dining table. He said, “Dad, I…

Relevance in education is key. A boy asked his teacher, "How's Algebra going to help me in life?" The teacher blinked and stood there, looking dumb founded. Google's intent focus on relevant courses that help further their growth as a company or other companies is a step in the right direction. There are sadly many tens of thousands of students who have spent lots of money on college courses and haven't gotten far in life in terms of jobs and success. I have always been a proponent of getting trained at vocational skill schools and colleges.

The TESLA car explosion after it rammed into a tree near midnight can teach us a singular, most valuable fire control lesson!

The fiery crash of the TESLA, how the car burned for 4 hours, inside a gated subdivision in the city of Woodlands, thirty minutes North of Houston, was a tragic occurrence. The Tesla Car, a Model S, was going at a dangerously “high-speed,” taking a curve, at 11:25 P.M, losing control, and went off the road, smashing into a tree, exploding into flames instantly.

Mark Herman, the Harris County Precinct 4 constable, carefully studied the evidence available, and…

The Best Gift you can give yourself daily is Patience! — Jacob David.

One of my family friends was on Highway 59 near Lakewood Church. She saw a guy cut another guy off in front of her. The guy who got cut off got into a fit of road rage, took out a gun and shot a bullet at the guy’s car exiting the freeway. The bullet hit the car and the guy’s car swerved violently.

She (our family friend) was also exiting behind him. The guy who got cut off fired another bullet. This bullet hit our family friend’s…

The Netflix Documentary “My Octopus Teacher,” is a must-watch. I’d heard about it, a while ago, don’t remember where… but I had not given it much thought, until one lazy, Sunday afternoon, when I stumbled upon it on Netflix.

A tale of love between human and octopus, what the oceans taught Craig Foster, off of the coast of Africa.

I decided to watch it. The documentary is set up in the kelp forest off the coast of Africa. Craig Foster stumbles upon an Octopus. From that point on his curiosity to know more about this animal, gets him to visit her daily for a year. In that time, the Octopus develops a special bond with her human visitor.

Craig Foster…

Ocean Life is slowly dying. Without ocean life our ecosystem will topple, humans will become extinct.

This is something I felt that has to be shared to bring awareness to what is happening to this world around us, especially our oceans and seas, where the fishing industry is purposely endangering marine life, with no regard to the ecological systems in our oceans. …

Jacob David

I love writing on daily topics of interest. I love to be positive, encourage, and motivate. Visit #dailytopics

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